Classical industrial projects and renewable energy projects

Electrical installation projects of high and low voltage

projects and sets the technical and economic conditions under which it is intended to perform all electrical system of HIGH AND LOW VOLTAGE, for the installation.


Systems of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

Designed specifically for each particular installation on Windows. Allows full view of the operating parameters, service and safety of all facility equipment, including auxiliaries. This type of system includes historical records of operation and the alarms produced.


Control systems for power factor

Supply of control equipment for power factor of the cogeneration plant, to ensure the optimal value for complement for reactive at the point of energy delivery. The system allows adjustment of three distinct values, and three distinct periods.

has developed the CFP-661 system, based on a programmable logic controller (PLC) which adjusts the value of generator excitation, in order to get each month the maximum possible bonus of reactive power, automatically and without any intervention by the plant operator. The user interface is via a touch screen. CFP-661 system programming is implemented after it has carried out a detailed study, which determines the optimal configuration of the system.


Pressure equipment

carries out projects and certificates to obtain ADMINISTRATIVE AUTHORIZATION for the various pressure equipment comprising cogeneration plants and other facilities. This project is necessary in appliances such as:

  • Boilers and heat recuperators
  • Tanks
  • Fluid Pipes: water, steam, compressed air, etc.

Fluid distribution networks

Technical definition and economic evaluation of facilities and equipment (such as boilers, pumps, decalcifiers, chlorination equipment, etc.) for projects of fluid distribution networks, whether steam, hot water, oil, exhaust gases or other fluid. The projects include, if agreed, implementation of technical buildings needed to locate the facility.

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Thermal solar energy installations

Installation projects of solar thermal collectors for applications, such as solar water heating (SWH), HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning), etc, applied in sports clubs, schools, official institutions and buildings in general.


Photovoltaic solar energy installations

Projects of solar photovoltaic’s facilities and parks, for electricity generation.