Cogeneration engineering

What is cogeneration or CHP?

Cogeneration is the simultaneous obtaining of electricity and useful thermal energy (as steam and / or hot water).


The advantage of such plants is their high energy efficiency, since it makes the most of both heat and mechanical or electrical energy of a single process, rather than using a conventional power plant and for heat needs the use of a conventional boiler.

Types of plants used for cogeneration:

Such systems can operate with a wide variety of combustibles :


Below are detailed particular services that can offer throughout the project phase of a cogeneration plant:

Opportunity Studies

Their aim is to determine preliminarily cogeneration possibilities in a particular industrial or service sector. Starts from data provided by the concerned party. They are free and provide guidance on the plant type and on the most suitable power for its energetic configuration.

Feasibility study or Study of alternatives

These studies examine in detail several cogeneration options that can be offered to the industrial. For each alternative is defined:


Executive project of selected central. This document, apart from setting the fundamental aspects of the plant and providing main equipments specification and data sheets of auxiliaries, also serves to request administrative authorization of the central.

During this phase are requested final offers of the main equipment and installations:
  engine-generators, turbines, boilers, interconnection with the electrical grid, etc.

Development Engineering

When the Property decides to carry out the investment, the engineering begins with the purchase of major equipment, from which will be designed the respective central. Activities in this phase are, in general, the following:

Construction Project Management and start up service.

Coordination and supervision of the work of different contractors, as well as, definition of reception proofs of installations, debug of guarantees and penalties.

Follow-up exploration

Setting up guidance and maintenance plans, to ensure the correct service and exploitation of the plant. Attention and resolution of incidents that may occur. Supervision of installation behavior. Introduction of small improvements as they occur.

Within this section, PowerGen, S.A. also carries out daily export forecasts of plants that sell their energy to the Spanish electrical market.