is an engineering company created in 1.994 specialized in the development of Cogeneration or CHP (Combined Heat and Power) projects. The company is made up of engineers with large experience in CHP projects, both in the evaluation and design of systems as well as in project, construction and start up service of plants.

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Its action field includes plants with steam turbine, plants with gas turbine (single or combined cycle with steam turbine), plants with reciprocating gas or diesel engines, bottoming cycle and biomass plants.

Parallel with CHP projects, develops and manufactures control systems and data acquisition (SCADA), as well as classic engineering projects such as high and low voltage installations, fluid distribution networks, pressure devices, gas installations, solar, thermal and photovoltaic energy facilities, etc. Also designs and builds electrical panels.

Our challenge is to design facilities tailored to each customer, tailored to their functional characteristics, with maximum energy efficiency and with minimal investment. Efficient and functional plants, environmental friendly.